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3 reasons why tao would be a good boyfriend: ”I have nice manners, I’m sexy, I can do martial arts well. also on top of that I am rich in heart and bank account. I can show the special charms that a blood type ab’s bad boy possesses. like a roller coaster, dynamically, every day so one won’t be bored.” - tao

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Someone buy me a ticket i need to see that with my own eyes

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yixing freaks the fuck out of tao’s dirty talk to fans

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chanyeol making fun of suho’s dance

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Anonymous whispered: Lin-ssi.... everywhere on the Internet, it is said that Tao-ssi studied in Hong Kong, but... when exactly did he left for Hong Kong ? It seems he spent his middle and high school years in Qingdao, and it can't really be for university, since he was too young to go to university when he left China to go become an SM trainee.... do you have an idea ?


aha he didn’t really study in Hong Kong~ it’s more like going to Hong Kong to study music and receive a short term training from a professional (not an actual school etc) and gain more experience as a musician :3 He went to Hong Kong and Taiwan to study music in 2010 when he was just 17 :3 (just a reminder, before that, he was already earning money and working as a promoter and a waiter ever since he was 16~)

in 2010, Tao has already written and composed his own songs ;u;

and at the end of 2010, and I’m assuming Tao has already been accepted as an SM trainee here based on the posts he written before this, he wrote

"H、zt世界对我来说没有不可能! 我就是不上高校一样有出路。"

"H,zt To me, nothing in the world is impossible! I’m showing that people who don’t go to college/universities have a future too."

tbh his passion for music never stops and it’s what i admire the most about him sighs i don’t know if this is complete, but this was where i found out about these back in 2012 when i just got into exo (and started stanning tao aha) [x] [x] here’s one post in chinese [x] i think this is why it just seems so obvious that Tao seems more happy when they’re in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it’s probably because the place is just filled with so much memories ;u; 

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that gaze

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lay点很高 | do not edit.

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smilellen | do not edit.

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smilellen | do not edit.

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